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Maureen Kures

With a career spanning 30 years in the medical industry, Maureen Kures is no stranger to end-of-life issues. As an oncology, hospice, and ICU nurse, she was privileged to provide end-of-life care for many individuals; as a nurse supporting bone marrow transplants, she had the opportunity to assist in extending life for many others.

It’s no surprise that this specialized work led Maureen to develop a unique perspective on death. She saw first-hand the devastation that could occur when families hadn’t had candid conversations with their family members – conversations that could have prepared everyone to more positively weather the transition of their loved one.

Maureen is a certified facilitator with:

Honoring Choices PNW First Steps Advance Care Planning 

Before I Go Solutions -United Kingdom

Speaking of Dying- Seattle, WA

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About end of life support & planning

Maureen created Radiant Mourning to be an advocate for end-of-life planning. Her goal? To create a community of families who are protected and empowered through her workshops, consulting and facilitated family meetings. The planning and preparation that follows, as a result, can create a peaceful ending for all involved.


It’s an uncomfortable truth: at some point in our lives, we will face transitions that may fill us with grief. As most families are unprepared for death, Maureen compassionately guides overworked and worried women in the sandwich generation to facilitate the family conversation, taking the fear out of talking about death with those they love. Maureen extracts the fear and anxiety from a topic that can be highly charged with emotion. By doing so, she helps others learn about and prepare for grief, and thoughtfully plan for the transitions that will follow – long before the grief and trauma arrive.


No doubt about it – end-of-life conversations are the elephant in your family room and can be challenging for many reasons. And it doesn’t have to be that way! Working with a skilled advocate, you can create a safe space to discuss a wide range of issues, from health care directives to the disposition of your personal property.

How Maureen Can Help

Maureen’s strength lies in her ability to help families calmly approach topics that are difficult to discuss. Her expertise in reducing drama, trauma, and chaos has helped individuals get their affairs in order, while getting their families in alignment. Maureen’s uncommon advocacy provides safety, clarity, hope, and guidance to her clients.

When not advocating for her clients, you can find Maureen walking her much-loved canine companions, devouring wonderful books, and tending her garden. She would be the first to tell you her life has been blessed with decades of joy with her wonderful husband, and three amazing adult sons who, because of candid family conversations are well on their own path to fulfillment.

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