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Radiant Roadmap

This plan is perfect for the self-starter who already understands the value of planning a peaceful transition and is ready to begin. 

You already know what you'd like 

but you want to be sure your plan covers all the bases and spells out your wishes to those you love.


The materials in the Radiant Roadmap documents your final wishes and provides guidelines for the necessary conversations with those you rely on, creating clarity and peace of mind for all involved.

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Radiant Readiness

This plan is perfect if you need the guidance and documentation in the Radiant Roadmap package 


you know you need support

sharing your plan

with those you rely on

to help you implement it.


Maybe your family has difficulty communicating with each other or like most people you're hesitant to initiate these vital conversations on your own.


Radiant Mourning creates a safe environment for participation so all voices can be heard.

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Lasting Legacy

This comprehensive plan

is perfect if you need 

the guidance and documentation in the Radiant Roadmap package



You think you'll need more one-on-one coaching with your facilitator and more time presenting your plan during your family meeting




You want the convenience of an online portal where you and your loved ones can access all your important documents

from anywhere at anytime.

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